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Reduce Your Credit Card Processing Fees

If your charity needs or wants to accept credit card payments, it’s never been easier to do so. Whether those payments include donations made over the phone, on-site registration fees at your next conference, or purchases at a booth, gift shop, or event, there are a number of ways to accept credit cards as payment. Charities knows how important it is to cut costs at every turn. Funds are limited, as are resources. There are many ways to save money, but one that many charities don’t think of, is reducing their credit card processing fees.

Being able to accept donations is the lifeblood of a charity, but the days of cash donations are long past. Credit and debit cards are the preferred method of payment for many people, especially if those cards offer their owners some sort of reward for doing so. Plus, the automated nature of card payments can mean lighter administrative workloads (less time spent opening mail, making trips to the bank to deposit funds, etc.), which has a positive effect on any organization’s bottom line.

If your hardware or software POS is already integrated with a different processor or you would just like it to be integrated, First Data’s semi integrated solution can be adapted to almost every system. You may be surprised how easily it can be done. Even if your POS needs additional programming it typically requires only 10 to 20 hours of technician’s time, it may even be free for the asking in order to preserve your business relationship. Ask your POS service provider.

Fortunately, if you are a charitable organization, you can lower your credit card processing fees considerably just by asking! (Note: You’ll have to provide proof of your Revenue Canada charitable status.)

What Features Do You Need From Your Credit Card Processor?

First Data offers a comprehensive suite of products and services. So you get the merchant account and credit and debit processing system customized for the unique needs of your organization. The best choice of credit card processing for your charity depends on your organization’s structure and activities and what features you need. You should look at how your organization raises funds now, as well as any future plans for expansion.

What To Consider:

  • Do you want to accept donations online? – First Data gives you the tools to easily set up a “donate” button on your website.

  • Do you want to offer honorariums and memorials? – First Data provides a customizable checkout option that lets you create fields for that data.

  • Do you want to accept regular monthly donations? – First Data supports recurring billing.

  • Do you want to accept donations over the phone? – First Data can set you up with a virtual terminal which will allow you to accept payments through your computer and over the phone.

  • Do you want to sell merchandise in person? – First Data provides affordable terminals. If your team travels a lot we also have the ideal Mobile Payment solution for you.

  • Do you want to sell merchandise online? – First Data will set you up with your preferred payment gateway and e-commerce software that is compatible with your gateway. Don’t worry, we will walk you through the process of setting up your online payment system.


Canada First will give you the absolute best, the lowest processing rate in the industry, as low as 1.13%


No Cancellation or Early Termination Penalties

You have nothing to lose. Because we want you to be completely satisfied – you can cancel your agreement at any time with no penalty. Guaranteed! Got questions about credit card processing rates for your charitable organization? Contact us directly. We’re happy to help!

Choose Canada First and First Data and:

  • Choose from a wide range of payment solutions including high speed countertop, wireless or virtual terminals

  • Accept payments online, over the telephone, or with your smartphone or tablet

  • Easily set up recurring, batch, installment and deferred payments

  • Get fast and simple payment processing for credit and debit cards.

  • Get our guarantee that we’ll keep your costs down and that we’ll meet or beat the processing rates you’re offered by other processors

  • Get faster access to your cash through next-day funding—that’s one to two days earlier than the standard funding cycle

  • Get access to online reporting and account management anywhere, anytime

Download This Easy To Follow Checklist on How To Choose A Payment Processor

First Data Products and Services

Managing a charity is nothing short of demanding. That’s why it helps to have a payment processing partner that has everything you need to power your efficiency and success. Our payment solutions are fully integrated with industry vendor applications. Our Merchant Advisers are here to help you figure out the right mix of devices and services to best serve your charity’s needs.

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Giving your donors more options to contribute donations or pay for products is a great way to increase your overall donations and solidify donor loyalty.

Turn your smartphone or iPad into a secure mobile terminal. Our mobile apps make it easy to process donations or sales on the go.

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In the hyper-paced world of business, having access to your sales data at a moment’s notice is crucial to your success.
From merchant statements and alerts to our next-generation Business Track® online portal and dashboard, First Data offers comprehensive reporting solutions for merchants of all sizes enabling efficient management of payment transaction data.

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Being flexible means being competitive – that’s why Canada First offers flexible financing options that meet your charity’s needs without confining rental contracts. We provide strategic, affordable financing solutions to help you reach your business goals.

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Every order is processed securely. Customer satisfaction comes first! Accept secure Credit and Debit Card payments and offer your clients and customers quick and seamless payment solutions.

First Data POS terminals are backed with 24/7/365 Support.

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