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The Merchant Services Operating Guidelines describe the procedures and methods for submitting Credit and Debit Card transactions for payment, obtaining Authorizations, responding to Chargebacks and Media Retrieval Requests, and other aspects of the operations of our services.

The Merchant Communications Checklist outlines the information necessary to install a Dial, Ethernet (hardwired), Bluetooth or WI-FI connected terminal at your location. Please review the information below and make note of the information that will be necessary during installation. If you are not familiar with the information in this checklist, you may need to arrange to have someone familiar with your network on site at time of installation to properly configure the network and terminal.


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Payment Terminals

Equip your store, restaurant, or office with the latest in wired, wireless and bluetooth payment technology.

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Mobile Payment Solutions

Our Mobile Pay app and card reader for smartphones and iPad, let you to quickly take secure credit card payments anywhere.

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E-Commerce technology makes it easy for your business to get online and sell to a wider audience.

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