Starting A New Business?

Starting A New Business?

Here’s How You Can Get A Merchant Account

Have a new business or looking to start accepting credit card payments?We understand that if you’re just getting started you have a lot of questions about how debit and credit card processing works.

This Is What You Need To Know – Click on Each Question To Get The Information You Need

Credit card processing for new business

Understand What You’re Getting And What You’re Paying For

We want you to be confident about what you are getting and understand what you’re paying for. We promise that our fees are Completely Transparent – there are no hidden fees and never will be.
Understand credit card processing fees

How We Guarantee No Hidden Credit Card Processing Fees

Your account manager will talk to you about your business and what kind of payment processing your business needs. Based on this discussion, we will provide you with your best pricing options.

If you’re already processing credit cards, we’ll look at your current statements and rates to determine where we can deliver better value and better service.

The Result – You Get The Best Credit Card Processing Fees

You’ll get a completely customized, fully transparent payment processing solution for your business – and you’ll understand exactly what you’re paying for and why.

Get Your Free Merchant Account Quote

There is no obligation when applying for a Merchant Account. Tell us about your business and your specific needs and we’ll send you your best pricing options.
To get a personalized quote or open a merchant services account, call 888-616-6967 or complete the short form below.

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Products and Services Providing You With The Solutions You Need

Our Merchant Advisers are here to help you figure out the right mix of devices and services to best serve your business and customer needs.

Payment Terminals

Equip your store, restaurant, or office with the latest in wired, wireless and bluetooth payment technology.

Mobile Pay

Mobile Payment Solutions

Our Mobile Pay app and card reader for smartphones and iPad, let you to quickly take secure credit card payments anywhere.

Online Shopping Card


E-Commerce technology makes it easy for your business to get online and sell to a wider audience.

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