Good News for Members of The Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick!


Credit Card Processing for Members of the Tourism Association of New Brunswick

Your membership team has worked hard to get this deal for you.

You have been asking for this and now you’ve got it!
Over 61% of TIANB members were seeking this benefit according to a recent survey and so TIANB negotiated a great deal on behalf of their members.

The Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick has invited Canada First to provide Merchant Services to TIANB members as part of your Preferred Partners’ Business to Business Savings.

This is what you’ll get:

  • More than just great rates and service you get your own dedicated personal representative. So if you need help – you get it – right away!
  • You are NEVER locked in – cancel anytime – no penalty
  • Best rates guaranteed – Canada First will match/beat any other written offer
  • Rock bottom rates for your processing terminal
  • Lifetime warranty on your terminal

As a TIANB member you will get access to all of these great benefits. Imagine your savings!

The Bottom Line?

Your TIANB membership now guarantees you the lowest credit card processing rates in Canada.

That means:
  • VAR sheets that work with almost all Hotel Front Desk Applications (no matter what chain or gateway you use), ask us how you can save money and get better service.
  • Taxi drivers and their companies find our mobile devices save them time and money. Whether it’s the convenient size of our Mobile Pay Plus device which works with your smart phone and can easily fit into your pocket, or our VX680 3G robust and dedicated mobile terminal, we have the terminal you need.
  • Our Business Line online portal allows you to analyze your payment processing with an easy-to-use suite of online tools, gaining greater insight to quickly and effectively manage your electronic transactions. You can even get daily transaction reports sent to your phone.
  • All our terminals come with a lifetime warranty. We have technicians in Moncton and Fredericton with four hour service for those within 100 kms and overnight service for all others.

Contact your dedicated Account Representative at 888.616.6967, or complete the form below to arrange for a review of your existing processing bill. Find out exactly how much you can save – right to the penny! No obligation whatsoever.

Your Merchant Account Advisor will contact you within one business day.

Start Saving Today

At Canada First, our payment solutions are backed by reliable customer service that includes 24/7 phone assistance, and a national service team that supports merchants from coast-to-coast.

  • Accept debit and major credit card payments online, on-the-go or at your POS
  • Let your customers pay the way they want to pay, including tap from their phone or wearable device
  • Understand your card payment costs with our Fair – Simple and Transparent Pricing.

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