USD Credit Card Processing Account for Canadian Merchants

How to get a U.S. Dollar Merchant AccountAs a Canadian merchant, you can choose whether you want your merchant account in Canadian currency only, or whether you’d also like to have a U.S. dollar merchant account.

What’s the Difference Between a Canadian Dollar and U.S. Dollar Merchant Account?

A U.S. Dollar merchant account enables your Canadian business to charge your customers in U.S. Dollars and then receive the processed funds in a U.S. Dollar bank account held in a Canadian financial institution.

The Benefits of a U.S. Dollar Merchant Account

Having a U.S. Dollar Merchant Account eliminates any potential losses your business might incur in the currency conversion process.

First Data has a wealth of experience providing clients with Canadian merchant accounts as well as US merchant accounts.

We provide three types of merchant accounts:

* A true US merchant account requires your business to be registered in the United States and to have a valid address and a valid bank account in the US.

For Canadian merchants who want both a CAD and USD merchant account, we offer additional merchant accounts at a reduced monthly fee and offer additional benefits and discounts. Note that all fees for USD accounts (including processing fees and the monthly fee) are levied in that currency.

Accepting International Payments

Regardless of whether you merchant account is a Canadian Dollar Merchant Account or a U.S. Dollar Merchant Account, you can accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover payments from customers around the world.
Most credit card processors don’t offer you any choice regarding how your customers will be charged. In other words, normally, your international customers will be charged in the currency of your account, with any exchanges determined and billed by their own credit card bank.

However, First Data offers Dynamic Currency Conversion which allows merchants to offer international customers the option to pay in their home currency, while protecting you from currency fluctuation.

Learn more about international credit card processing.


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