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Why It’s Good Business To Accept Visa Credit Cards

Does your business need to accept Visa credit card payments in Canada?

Building a successful business in today’s challenging economy means you need to optimize every single opportunity. We understand how hard you work to provide top-notch value and best-in-class service to your customers, but are you giving them the most convenient payment options?

Benefits Of Accepting Visa Cards

Whether you’re a new business or an established enterprise, accepting Visa will have a big impact on your bottom line. Some of the most significant benefits of accepting Visa include:

  • Increased Sales
    Consumers spend more when they’re not constrained by cash on hand. You may see increased purchases of higher-margin products as well as specialty items. And customers may visit your store more often.

  • Customer Satisfaction
    Your customers will appreciate the fact that you allow them the flexibility to pay the way they want to pay—including by credit, debit or prepaid cards. Happier customers are more loyal customers.

  • Speed of Checkout
    You’ll speed your customers through checkout with rapid electronic payment. No more counting change or waiting while customers write cheques.

  • Improved Efficiency
    Electronic card transactions can save you time and money by minimizing cash handling and payment reconciliation, giving you more time to do more important things—like managing and growing your business.

  • Safety
    With lower volumes of cash, you’re less vulnerable to theft and pilfering.

  • Simple Currency Conversion
    Electronic payments on Visa credit cards are settled in the currency in which you sell your goods and services, regardless of where the Cardholder is from. If you sell in US or Canadian dollars, that’s how you’ll be paid.

What is the Visa Interchange?

Interchange is the fee collected by the customer’s credit card bank (the Visa card-issuer) on every transaction. These rates are set by Visa every year and apply to all processors. In other words, this is the true cost that the processor has to pay on every transaction. The interchange rates are part of our Cost+ pricing program. The tables below provide a breakdown of the current Visa interchange rates.

Visa Canada Interchange Rates

Card Type

Interchange Rate

Card Present

Swipe/Chip Consumer
Swipe/Chip Infinite
Swipe/Chip Corporate
1.900 % 
Swipe/Chip Infinite Privilege
2.080 %


Keyed Consumer
1.520 %
Keyed Premium
1.710 %
Keyed Corporate
Keyed Infinite Privilege
2.450 %

Recurring Payments

Recurring Consumer
1.370 %
Recurring Infinite
1.560 %
Recurring Corporate
1.850 %
Recurring Infinite Privilege
1.950 %

Emerging Markets/Charities

Swipe/Chip/Keyed Consumer
0.980 %
Swipe/Chip/Keyed Infinite
1.170 %
Swipe/Chip/Keyed Corporate
1.800 %
Swipe/Chip/Keyed Infinite Privilege
1.950 %

Gas and Service Stations

Swipe/Chip Consumer
1.180 %
Swipe/Chip Infinite
1.370 %
Swipe/Chip Corporate
1.800 %
Swipe/Chip Infinite Privilege
1.950 %

Groceries and Supermarkets

Groceries and Supermarkets

Swipe/Chip Consumer
1.330 %
Swipe/Chip Infinite
1.520 %
Swipe/Chip Corporate
1.850 %
Swipe/Chip Infinite Privilege
1.950 %

Level 2 Data

Corporate & Purchasing
1.600 %
Fuel Purchasing Cards
1.800 %

Level 3 Data

Corporate & Purchasing
1.400 %
Large Ticket $7,000 – $15,000
1.300 % + $35
Large Ticket $15,000 – $50,000
1.200% + $35
Large Ticket $50,000+
1.100% + $35

Debit Card Type

Interchange Rate

Card Present

Debit Retail
0.250 % + 5¢
Debit Grocery
0.150 % + 5¢
Debit Gas Station
0.150 % + 5¢


Debit Keyed
1.150 %

Recurring Payments

Debit Recurring
0.600 %

Emerging Markets/Charities

Debit Emerging Market
0.300 %

Assessments and Association Fees

Visa Card Brand
0.1017 %
Visa International Cross-Border Card Present (CAD)
0.452 %
Visa International Cross-Border – Keyed (CAD)
0.9605 %
Visa International Cross-Border (USD)
0.9020 %

* HST is charged to the acquirer/processor on network card-brand, association and cross-border fees. Visa listed card-brand fees is 0.080% respectively. Because this is an absorbed cost by the acquirer who are not allowed to claim ITCs in Canada, the HST on the card-brand fee cannot be used as an ITC by the merchant. Does not apply to interchange, per transaction or cost+ fees. Below are list to the official Visa and MasterCard interchange tables.

Visa Canada Official Interchange Rates

Visa Everyday Needs


Limousines and Taxicabs
Books Periodicals and Newspapers
Variety Stores
Fast Food Restaurants
Drug Stores/Pharmacies
Book Stores
News Dealers and Newsstands
Laundry Cleaning and Garment Services
Laundry Services Family and Commercial
Dry Cleaners
Barber and Beauty Shops
Health and Beauty Spas
Car Washes
Hat Cleaning Shops/Shoe Repair Shops/Shoe Shine

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