Clover Apps – Tools To Energize Your Business

Ramp up your Clover system with best-in-class POS apps, such as Yelp, Time Clock, or Payroll. Sync with top-notch services like Quickbooks, Woo, and Shopify.
Powerful Clover POS Applications Included In Every Clover System

Process Every Payment With Invoice ASAP

Run Loyalty Programs With Loyalty and Rewards

Hear Directly From Fans With Opinion Shoppers

Keep Customers Coming Back With Digital Loyalty

Offer Discounts By Time Slot With Schedule Discounts

Make Your Restaurant More Productive With Table Turn

Schedule Your Staff With Schedule

Manage Your Contact List With Assign Customers

The World’s Top Developers Build On Our Platform
eDiningExpress Online eCommerceExpress Online Let your restaurant customers place online orders.
app order ahead Order Ahead Handle peak hours by letting your customers order ahead of time.
app virtual terminal Virtual Terminal Enter order and payment information from any web browser.
app invoice asap Invoice ASAP Easy Invoicing and payments for any business.
free time clock app Free Time Clock Manage payroll, benefits, and HR
app time clock Time Clock Schedule employees and help them manage their time
increase sales app Increase Sales Incentivise employee team work, productivity, desire to succeed
einvoice app EZInvoice CRM, commissions, employee & job management for service companies
sales and inventory app Sales and Inventory Real-time sales insights, inventory management, sales and inventory reports.
labels and price tags app Labels and Price Tags Customized label printing, Merchandise tags with barcodes and more.
inventory mobile app Inventory Mobile Affordable inventory management solution. On-the-go inventory management.
quick books app Commerce Sync Transfer Daily Sales To QuickBooks and keep sales information updated.
closeout app Closeout Process batch card transactions and get detailed transaction information.
wireless app Wireless With your preloaded SIM your device can serve either as the main network connection or as a backup.

Clover App Market

The Clover App Market boasts tools that can do everything from save merchants the headache of managing coins to intelligently managing restaurant waitlists.

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