High Risk Merchant Account

Secure And Profitable High Risk Merchant Account

  • Comprehensive payment solutions for higher risk businesses.
  • Start accepting credit card payments for your high risk business and start earning profits!
  • Chargeback Prevention is now available to our High Risk Merchant Account Customers – therefore lowering your risk
  • Simply follow our high risk merchant account application instructions and get approval in as fast as 48 hours. Above all, we’re here to answer your questions.

Why Is Your Business Considered High Risk?

There is no exact definition for what constitutes a high-risk business or industry. What is considered a high risk merchant account largely depends on each individual processors’ risk tolerance. For instance, some high risk merchant account providers will be willing to work with online tech support companies while others may not.

high risk merchant account

Whether Your Business Is Big Or Small – We Make It Easy For You To Find The Perfect High Risk Merchant Account For Your Business

How Do I Know If I Need A High Risk Merchant Account?

high risk merchant account

When you start up your business, you probably don’t consider whether credit card payment providers will consider your business to be high risk. In other words, even a business that might be perceived as perfectly normal and safe may be considered high risk by a credit card processing provider. 

For instance, you might own a business that sells large ticket items in advance. These items could be event tickets or airline tickets. Your business might be considered high-risk because those purchases can be get caught up in requests for refunds, reselling, disputes that can increase the risk to the payment processing provider.

Your Business Can Be Considered High-Risk If Any Of These Apply:

  • The credit card processor has concerns about the financial stability of your business, or if you, as the business owner have a low credit score
  • Your business is brand new and you are still developing your brand and reputation, 
  • The industry that your business operates in has a high chargeback ratio
  • Your business operates in deals with weapons, adult materials, drugs or drug paraphernalia, or similar products

Top Approved High Risk Industries

  • Adult Entertainment
  • Annual Membership Sites
  • CBD Oil & CBD Products
  • Collectibles and Antiques
  • Dating Websites
  • Digital Downloads & E-Books
  • Digital Streaming
  • Document Preparation
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Firearms & Ammunition
  • Furniture Repair and Reupholster
  • Handyman & Home Improvement
  • Future Order Fulfillment
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • High Ticket Sales
  • Homeowners’ Associations
  • Internet Gambling
  • Magazine Sales
  • Medical Spas & Day Spas
  • Moving Companies
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Neutraceuticls & Supplements
  • Online Casinos & Gaming
  • Online Dating
  • Seminars & Coaching
  • SEO
  • Smoking Accessories & Glass
  • Travel Agencies & Tour Companies
  • Tech Support
  • Vaping & eCigarettes
  • High Ticket Sales

How To Apply For A High Risk Merchant Account

    • Step 1: Call or Email us and speak with one of out experienced Merchant Advisors. They will help you prepare your application, explain the documentation needed, guide you through the approval process, and answer any questions you may have.


  • Step 2: Submit the required documentation. Your application for a High Risk Merchant Account will be processed and approved more quickly if you provide all the required documentation at the start of the process.

Documents Required To Support Your High Risk Merchant Account Application

You’ll be asked to submit all of the following documents. Not providing all required documents will slow down the approval of your High Risk Merchant Account.  

    • Valid Photo ID (driver’s license, passport or Citizen ID card, etc)


    • Business Information (Website Address, Physical Address, Phone number and contact information)


    • Business License in the city, state and country where your business is registered


    • Three recent months of your business bank account statements


    • Previous merchant account statements or history of credit card processing transactions


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