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The Best EMV Integrated POS Machines and POS Terminals for onsite, online and mobile merchants!

Whether you’re a Retail Store, RestaurantHotel or mobile service, you can easily add smart POS machines that process payments, streamline your workflow, and manage your staff and inventory.

EMV Integrated Point of Sale Machines

Checkout From Any Desktop, Tablet or Phone

Canada First offers a variety of state of the art POS terminals that let you checkout your customers with ease. If you need portability, you can use the web-based version from any PC or Mac desktop, or download the mobile app on your tablet or mobile phone. In other words, it’s that easy.

Our Point Of Sale machines also integrate with your inventory management system, product catalogue (or menu items), so you can track your stock, your best selling items, and get notified when inventory is low.

Clover Flex POS Machine and Point of Sale Terminal

Clover Flex POS Machine and POS Terminal

Clover Flex hand held device, offers the ultimate in mobility and usability. Designed to manage all of your payment processing needs, wherever you are. In addition, Clover Flex offers a big selection of value added applications designed to make managing your business so much easier.

Easy to use! Accept any kind of transaction, debit, credit, tap or cash – right out of the box.

Clover Mini POS Terminal

The Clover Mini is an all inclusive POS machine that will do everything your business needs without any additional hardware or accessories.

Clover Mini has a small footprint, easy-to-use touchscreen, and a built-in printer. In addition, you can accept PIN-debit through the Mini’s touchscreen. Clover Mini is perfect for medium-sized retailers who have a fixed location for their POS.

Clover Mini POS Machine and POS Terminal
Virtual terminal

Virtual Terminal POS

Away from your Point of Sale machine but don’t want to miss a sale? Our Virtual Terminal gives you the flexibility and convenience of processing payments—and, refunds—wherever you happen to be.

It’s so simple. All you have to do is Just log in to your Web Dashboard from a smartphone, tablet, or computer and you’re ready for business anytime, anywhere.

Converge Mobile Point of Sale

Converge® is a leading online payment gateway for processing payments quickly and securely, whether in-person, online, or on-the-go.

For instance, you can accept a full range of payment types, from debit and credit cards to electronic checks, mobile wallets, gift cards and recurring payments. In addition you can manage all of your payments easily and securely in one place through our hosted payment solution.

Converge POS Machine and Point of Sale Terminal
Poynt POS Machine

Poynt POS Terminal

Accept debit, credit and cash transactions including multi-tender split payments, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung pay, Google Wallet and NFC payments.

In addition, the Poynt POS machine integrates with cash registers, cash drawers, scales, ticket printers, scanners and other peripherals. Similarly, POYNT is 3G, wifi and bluetooth enabaled, and supports multi-store locations.

Poynt 5 Point of Sale Machine

Sleek and sophisticated, this smart POS terminal the size of a cellphone features a powerful business intelligence hub and access to the app marketplace to customize it to your needs.

In addition, you can access sales data, track inventory, manage employees, accept mobile wallets and more with Poynt 5. In other words, it will help you manage your business no matter where you are.

Poynt 5 POS Machine and POS Terminal
Ingenico Move 5000 POS Machine

Ingenico Move 5000 POS

Designed for mobility, this is a perfectly portable POS Machine that’s up to the task wherever you’re working.

Whether you’re running a pop-up shop, making deliveries or managing a food truck, features like the touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G/LTE coverage back you up in the field.

Point of Sale Systems

Ingenico Desk 5000 POS Terminal

Ideal for professional services, traditional storefronts or anywhere your customers pay in person, this countertop POS delivers a seamless payment experience. Features include a large 3.5-inch touchscreen and the ability to run interactive business apps that help you manage operations.

Ingenico Desk 5000 POS Machine
Talech POS

Talech POS System

Anytime, Anywhere Access!.

A modern and easy-to-use point of sale system, and all your data stored in the cloud so you can manage your business in real-time at home or on the road.

MX 915 POS Machine

The Verifone MX 915 is designed to engage consumers in new ways with its full-motion video display and slim, space-saving design. It captures consumers’ attention without adding to lane or countertop clutter.

MX915 POS Machine and Point of Sale Terminal
iWL255 POS Machine and Point of Sale terminal

iWL255 Pay at the Table Semi Integrated Restaurant POS Machine

The Ingenico iWL255 is a state-of-the-art long range wireless debit and credit card terminal. The compact ergonomic design provides easy transport and the extra long life battery ensures that you have enough power to get through even the busiest day.

Ingenico ICT250 POS Machine

The Ingenico iCT250 is a highly reliable point-of-sale debit and credit card terminal, even under heavy volumes. It accepts all existing forms of electronic payment – including NFC/contactless and chip and PIN– unrestricted by any other POS limitations because it operates with or without a cash register or POS system interface.

Ingenico ICT250 Payment Terminal

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