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Why Cost Plus Pricing Gives You The Best Credit Card Processing Rates

Cost Plus Pricing Low Interchange FeesWith years of experience in the credit card payment processing market, Canada First understands the impact that interchange rates have on your business’s bottom line. Depending on the size and frequency of your transactions, the cost of interchange rates can mean the difference between an average monthly profit and a sizeable increase in profit.

That’s why we offer the lowest interchange rates on the market.

No special applications. No red tape. Just the guaranteed lowest interchange rates you’ll find anywhere!

By offering our merchants Cost Plus Pricing we provide the most cost-effective method of merchant account pricing available.

What is Cost Plus Pricing?

Maximize your savings with pricing that offers the ultimate in transparency and fairness. Cost Plus Pricing is a billing method offered by Canada First which passes on the actual interchange cost directly to you when you process a transaction. At the end of the month, we charge you a set rate for our services on your total processed volume.

For example, if a transaction had an interchange and card-brand fee total cost of 1.52%, you would be billed 1.52% for the transaction and 0.20% (for example) for First Data’s service. Your total cost on that transaction would equal 1.72%.

How Cost Plus Pricing Differs From Other Pricing Models

Cost Plus Pricing is the most straightforward way of charging for credit card processing – allowing merchants to easily understand how the rates and fees charged apply to their business.

Where other forms of pricing typically charge arbitrary markups, when we set up your merchant account with Cost Plus Pricing, your rates and fees remain fixed regardless of the type of transaction, or the type of card used.

Why Cost Plus Pricing Is Better

Cost Plus Pricing gives you savings and transparency. Most credit card processors use “Interchange Differential” pricing. With Interchange Differential pricing you are charged a base “qualified” rate and then charged a “non-qualified” fee and an “interchange differential fee” on top of that. The result is that with the Interchange Differential Pricing structure, you, the merchant, are often charged multiple fees for the same transaction – and those fees can add up!

If you’re not signed up with a Cost Plus Pricing structure, your processor will configure the markup for a credit card transaction, taking into consideration a number of variables, chiefly the type of card being used (credit, debit, business, personal), how the card is processed (swiped by a machine, online), and other less common factors. With a Cost Plus Processing rate your markup will remain the same no matter what. These variables will not affect your bottom line.

The benefit of the Cost Plus Pricing model is that by passing the actual interchange cost directly to you and only charging for a single markup, Cost Plus Pricing gives you significant savings while providing you with a very transparent arrangement with your processor. No hidden fees – you will always know exactly what you are being charged, and why.

The accruing savings and clear, consistent pricing for all transactions has made Cost Plus Pricing a favourite pricing model for most merchants. We stand by our rates and are proud to offer the best credit card processing rates on the market today.

We will beat any rate, guaranteed!

or we will write you a check for $500 (disclaimer: we haven’t had to write one yet).


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