Why It’s Good Business To Accept Visa Debit Online

Accept Visa Debit

What is Visa Debit?

Visa Debit is a debit card operated by the Visa network and issued by Canadian banks. It allows customers to pay directly from their bank account while still providing all of the protection of a normal Visa credit card such as Zero Liability.

Visa Debit customers can shop in store, online and over the phone using their debit card number. The card is widely accepted in the US and internationally, and is quickly gaining popularity in Canada.

Why Accept Visa Debit?

With Visa Debit, you give your customers more payment options – and potentially increase sales, and serve a wider customer base.

To-date, more than 44,000 Canadian retailers accept Visa Debit, a group that is rapidly growing as merchants recognize the benefits of Visa Debit acceptance, including the ability to:

  • Increase Sales Potential
    Visa Debit offers your business the opportunity to access an underserved customer base that prefers to use debit for payment.
  • Provide More Choice
    Customers want more payment options and Visa Debit gives them control over how they pay, helping you improve purchasing convenience and customer service.
  • Guarantee Reliability
    With Visa Debit you can provide better service to new and existing customers. Visa Debit is a proven form of payment. Visa Debit is the most widely used payment card in the world, and Visa operates the world’s largest retail electronic payments network.
  • Ensure Security
    Visa Debit is protected with Visa Layers of Security including Zero Liability, and Visa ePromise.

Want to Accept Visa Debit Cards?

Visa Debit cards can be used in a retail environment, through a Virtual Terminal or even online. All First Data merchants can now accept Visa Debit cards automatically on their account.


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