Why It’s Good Business To Accept American Express Cards

Accept American Express Cards in your businessCanadian consumers currently use over 5 million American Express Cards. This represents a huge number of potential customers. With such a strong, long-term loyalty to the brand it makes sense that customers might not patronize a business that doesn’t accept their Amex card.

Attracting those high-spending American Express Card holding consumers can be critical to your business success.

Benefits of Accepting Amex Cards

First Data believes that accepting Amex Cards is a smart and affordable business move because we offer:

  • Simplified payment management with all card payment information included in one statement.
  • A single contact point for support means merchants no longer need to contact American Express for card transaction and billing issues.
  • Potentially lower costs make it less expensive to accept Amex with lower rates available.
  • Faster payment because only one deposit is necessary for all card networks.

First Data also assumes the risk and liability for American Express transaction processing, and we provide the same 24/7 merchant support for questions that we offer for other card brands.

How To Set Up An American Express Merchant Account

New merchants looking to add Amex to their accepted card choices must first register with American Express as a merchant. We handle the registration process for you – so all you need to do is let your First Data representative know that you want to accept Amex credit cards – and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you are a merchant who already accepts American Express cards, First Data can take over the role of authorizing your Amex payments. All you have to do is provide your Amex Merchant ID upon signup. Your Amex ID will remain the same.


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