Dynamic Currency Conversion

Access A World Of Sales Opportunities

If you have an e-commerce business or you’re a mail/telephone order merchant, you know the world is now your marketplace. Anyone, anywhere, could be a potential customer. So how do you take advantage of this lucrative situation?

First Data offers Dynamic Currency Conversion, so you can sell your products and services in over 60 foreign currencies and receive payments directly in U.S.dollars.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

Millions of international tourists visit Canada each year, spending billions on retail, lodging, meals and other items. GlobalChoice Currency Conversion is the easiest way for a merchant to offer DCC in a Card Present environment, giving their international customers the choice to pay in their own currency, and providing them with the enhanced purchase experience they prefer.

When your international customers and clients present their international credit cards to pay for your products and services they really know how much they are paying.

For example, for a purchase of $200 CAD you receive a deposit of $200 CAD in your designated business bank account, and your European customer will see a charge of approximately 127.57 Euros based on the current exchange rate (July 2020), on their credit card statement.

That’s because when international shoppers visit your store or website, they get prices they can understand—which gives you a competitive edge. What’s more, you don’t need a foreign bank account, costly wire transfers or a special set-up with your financial institution to do it. Multi-Currency Pricing generates an average 12% increase in revenues because of the added convenience and improved shopping experience provided!

You can make the shopping experience much more pleasant and meaningful for your international customers, and earn some additional income (a percentage of the currency exchange), by using Dynamic Currency Conversion to charge customers in their own currency at the time of their purchase.

Benefits To You, The Merchant

  • Sell in foreign currencies and receive payments in Canadian dollars

  • Earn additional revenue on every transaction processed in a foreign currency

  • Gain access to the global marketplace

  • Eliminate exposure to risk resulting from exchange rate fluctuation

  • Provide international clients the feel of a local shopping experience

  • Reduce the total cost of accepting Visa® and MasterCard® issued outside the United States

  • Expand your reach by processing global currencies

  • Accept transactions in over 60 currencies

  • Drive higher repeat business

  • Reduce your total cost of acceptance

  • No need to have a foreign bank account

  • No special set-up required with your financial institution

  • Fully integrated into multiple POS solutions and payment devices

Consumer Benefits

  • Make payments in their own currency without hidden charges or fees

  • See a credit card statement matching the currency printed on their receipt

  • Full disclosure of the exchange rate being applied at the time of purchase

  • Can avoid being charged additional foreign transaction feesIt’s a big world out there, and it’s time for you to make the most of it.

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