Hosted Checkout

Hosted Checkout For E-Commerce

One of the best ways to accept online payments is through a hosted checkout page. Hosted checkout is essentially a checkout web form that is developed, maintained, and hosted by a payment provider.

Whenever your on-line customers are ready to make a purchase, you can send them to your hosted checkout page or shopping cart, where their payment is captured, authorized and confirmed onscreen.

Benefits of Hosted Checkout

In addition, transaction results are sent automatically to both you and your customers Additionally, through the hosted checkout, transaction results are sent automatically to you and your customers, thereby enabling you to easily track and process orders online.

Using a hosted checkout page is considered easy, fast, and secure. However, because cart abandonment rates range from 60%-80%—with some of the most common reasons related directly to the checkout page itself—the hosted checkout page you choose could be the difference between gaining or losing your customers’ business.

Hosted Checkout - Features and Benefits

  • Several development options available for your business/IT needs
  • Template-based forms or custom-designed
  • Basic hosted cart or storefront for larger product inventories
  • Tokenized processing options for simplified PCI Compliance
  • Recurring payments and batch processing functionality
  • User access controls and customizable security settings
  • Comprehensive online reporting and download options
  • SSL Security
  • 24/7 customer support

For ultimate control and customization or if you are a developer, we offer an API which can be integrated into your own system.

hosted checkout

Whether Your Business Is Big Or Small – We Make It Easy For You To Find The Perfect Hosted Checkout Setup For You!

hosted checkout

Hosted Checkout Options

  • Payment Form – Our Payment Form is perfect if you sell only a few items and have simple e-commerce needs
  • Control over fonts, styles and page header/footer designs
  • Free hosting for custom images and CSS stylesheets (up to 2 MBs of webspace)
  • Easily add and remove standard form fields
  • Built in email receipts (plain text or custom HTML)
  • Pre-integrated for Verified by Visa® and MasterCard™ Secure Code
  • Simple online reports with option to export to spreadsheet/CSV format
  • One-click adjustments (refunds, voids, and more)

Security protection included: SSL Secure Sockets Layer (a protocol for encrypting information over the Internet), hosted on a PCI Level 1 compliant server.

Top Things To Consider When Choosing A Hosted Checkout For Your Online Business.

1-Consistency and Flexibility
The more you’re able to match your customers’ user experience on your hosted checkout page to the rest of your website, the better. Some payment providers offer a variety of predefined pages for merchants to choose from, each with a slightly different look and feel; sometimes even with varying functionality. Above all if the hosted checkout page provider allows you to customize the page however you choose, that’s even better!

2-User Interface & Experience
A good-looking, well-organized checkout page can go a long way when it comes to cart abandonment. In other words, the best hosted checkout pages on the market are simple and clean.

3-Global Options
If your customers are located all over the world, it’s important for you to take into account that shoppers in different locations have different needs. Therefore, your hosted checkout page should be able to support multiple languages, currencies, local payment methods, and global card brands in order to convert diverse users into buyers.

4-Alternative Payment Methods
While many people use credit cards to make online purchases, credit cards don’t dominate the market. In other words, many shoppers find other payment methods to be more secure and convenient. For instance, digital wallet giants like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Google and Apple all compete for their share of online payment processing. Therefore it’s important that you make sure your hosted checkout page supports multiple digital wallets because it is a good way to win as many shoppers as possible.

5-Support For Mobile Devices
If your hosted checkout page does not support the use of mobile devices, your customers may find it difficult to checkout. Because mobile payments are becoming a huge part of the market share, having a mobile optimized checkout page is a must.

6-Easy Integration
The main benefit of using a hosted checkout page is that you’re outsourcing any development or maintenance the page may need, which saves you a lot of time and effort. Therefore, you want a hosted checkout solution that requires minimal effort on your part. If you find that setting up your hosted checkout page is a technological challenge look for a different payment processing provider!

In Conclusion

Choosing the right hosted checkout page is a decision that will benefit your business.

If you’re having a difficult time deciding, consider your most important needs and prioritize them. As long as you do your research, consider the items above, and think through the needs of your business and your target customers, you’ll come away with the hosted checkout page that’s best for you.

If you want to use a 3rd-party shopping cart to process transactions, we are already integrated with most of the leading online shopping cart providers. Contact us for details and instructions.

Basic Shopping Cart

Our Basic Shopping Cart is perfect if you have a broad product list to sell through your website and need to create automatic calculations such as taxes, shipping or service charges.

Four different pages can be configured to match the look and feel of your company website: a product page, a shopping basket page, a checkout page and a payment page.

Free hosting for your product pages and inventory (unlimited inventory items)

Included security protection: SSL Secure Sockets Layer (a protocol for encrypting information over the Internet), hosted on a PCI Level 1 compliant server

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