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With a Canada First Merchant Account you can accept international credit cards and collect payments from customers all over the world and no matter what currency their credit card normally uses. Your customer will be charged in USD and you will receive your funds in USD. Your customer’s bank will handle the conversion at the time you process their transaction.

To charge customers in their own currency, learn more about multi-currency processing.

How International Credit Cards Are Processed

Canada First will supply you with the best Merchant Account to fit your business, with which you can accept credit card payments from customers located virtually anywhere in the world.

When a customer pays you using international credit cards (typically a credit card that is provided to a non-resident person or business by a provider in their home country) and when your customer is charged in Canadian Dollars , you will receive your funds in Canadian Dollars without any conversions. Your customer’s issuing bank will deal with the necessary conversion at the time of the transaction.

For example:
A German customer buys an item from your website priced at $200 Canadian dollars. At the time of the purchase your customer will see a charge of $200 CAN dollars.

You receive a deposit of $200 Canadian in your designated business bank account.
The customer will see a charge of approximately 138.65 Euros based on the current exchange rate (February 2020), on their credit card statement.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

You can make the shipping experience much more pleasant and meaningful for your international customers, and earn some additional income (a percentage of the currency exchange), by using First Data’s Dynamic Currency Conversion Solution to charge customers in their own currency at the time of their purchase.

Visa and MasterCard International Interchange Rates

International card transactions are subject to Visa and MasterCard International Interchange Rates. These rates are often lower than domestic Interchange Rates for similar cards, but “cross-border” fees will be applied. These will have an impact on the total cost of the transaction.

Visa and MasterCard fees are officially called “International Cross-Border Fees” and “International Acquirer Service Fees” and are range from 0.45% to 1% on top of the standard interchange rates.

View Visa International Interchange Rates

View MasterCard International Interchange Rates

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