Mobile Payments Made Easy

Why make things harder than they have to be? We put payment processing in every purse and pocket for businesses that are mobile.

From Swipe To Signature, Every Mobile Payment Transaction You Process Is Secure

Process credit card payments by either swiping a customer’s credit card through a mobile credit card reader or by keying-in their credit card details on the mobile app. Sensitive credit card information is always encrypted and never stored on your device.

mobile payments

Branded Email Receipts That Customers Love

Customize email receipts that are unique to your brand, encourage feedback, and promote social interaction. Once the transaction is complete, email receipts straight to your customer’s inbox or print them using a countertop or Bluetooth printer

Track Transactions In Real Time

Easily keep track of popular products, top performing employees, and gross sales.. With our cloud-based, secure platform the data, including mobile payments data,  is accessible on any device, at any time, wherever you are. Information is power.

mobile payments
mobile payments

Get A One-Stop Mobile Payments Portal That Tells All

Our payments platform houses all your transaction and sales information. Use it to get real-time sales data, and make smarter business decisions about your customers, products, and employees.

How Mobile Payments Work

Access customizable, interactive payments solutions that suit your individual business. We’ll help you create an optimal payment experience, whether you’re accepting credit cards via your own payment device or allowing a customer to use mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Let's Work Together

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