Here Is Your Merchant Services Rapid Quote

Merchant Costs & Fees

4 cents per transaction
Interchange Plus 0.20%
Annual Fee
Monthly Fee
Application Fee
Cancellation Fee
Concierge Service

Terminal Costs & Fees

Clover Flex
$30 / month
Clover Mini or Mini Pair
$40 / month
Clover Station Duo
$1995 in 6 Easy Payments
Clover Virtual Terminal
$9.95 / month - No Setup Fee
Wireless MOVE/5000
$25 / month
Countertop DESK/5000
$25 / month
Poynt Smart Terminal
$20 / month

Canada First is an independent Canadian sales organization and broker, representing Canada’s premiere processing companies, and provides merchants from coast to coast to coast with the best credit card processing in Canada. Enjoy significant savings on your credit card processing costs with Canada First’s Cost + Pricing.

Get the smartest processing terminals and the most powerful business software to help you simplify your business operations. Canada First guarantees the lowest rates by working directly with the largest processors in the industry. As a merchant account broker, Canada First has the buying power of the largest corporations in Canada, using their unique position in the marketplace to build high value relationships, while keeping expenses low to pass the savings down to their clients.

Phone: 1-888-616-6967
Email: [email protected]

Canada-First’s interchange plus pricing model is simple. Interchange and Assessment fees are established by the card brands (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX etc.) varying on the card type and use. With Canada First’s Interchange Plus pricing, all cards are processed at their true Assessment and Interchange rates. Canada First simply adds just 0.20 % and 4 cents a transaction.