Discover Credit Card

Discover Credit Card

Accept The Discover Credit Card

Discover is one of the top four credit cards in North America, along with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Accepting Discover can help you attract customers who prefer to use this card. However, there are some small business owners who don’t accept it, so accepting it may give you an advantage over those who don’t.

While the card is issued primarily in the United States, its acceptance is now available on all First Data merchant accounts.

Above all, by accepting it, your business can tap into:

    • Billions in spending power — In other words, card members spend billions of dollars monthly with their cards


    • Bigger purchases — For instance, every month, members spend on average over 35% more on their cards than Visa and MasterCard cardholders


Discover Credit Card

It may come as no surprise that the reason many merchants opt-out of accepting Discover credit cards is about the bottom line.

This card charges a bit more to business owners to accept their cards.

The figure is around 3 percent per sale. MasterCard and Visa only charge around 2 percent of a transaction total.

Therefore, that difference keeps many small business owners away from accepting these cards.

Discover Credit Card Canada Interchange Rates

Card Type

Interchange Rate

Card Present

Swipe/Chip Consumer
Swipe/Chip Premium
Swipe/Chip Premium Plus
Swipe/Chip Commercial


Keyed Consumer
Keyed Premium
Keyed Premium Plus
Keyed Commercial

Recurring Payments

Recurring Consumer
Recurring Premium
Recurring Premium Plus
Recurring Commercial

Discover Credit Card Assessments and Association Fees

Discover Card Brand
Discover International Cross Border (CAD)

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